where you're planted

Here lies the inner workings of my mind and heart,

a piece of my contemplations with God and those around me,

the daily life lessons of joy & sorrow, beginnings & endings,

and a continual trial of prayerful surrender and perseverant trust. ~Jamie Leatherby


So Why'd You Leave?

Vocation Story part 7 It's now been about two and a half years since I left my monastery. Yes, it's still my monastery and my sisters,...

My Vocation Story (Part 6)

Originally Posted Sep 10, 2018 | An Extroverted Millennial Enters the Cloister Cloistered Stereotypes Cloistered nuns are real, everyday...

My Vocation Story (Part 5)

Originally Posted Aug 13, 2018 | An Extroverted Millennial Enters the Cloister Think of what is above, not of what is on earth. For you...


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