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Here lies the inner workings of my mind and heart,

a piece of my contemplations with God and those around me,

the daily life lessons of joy & sorrow, beginnings & endings,

and a continual trial of prayerful surrender and perseverant trust. ~Jamie Leatherby

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Seeing Life with a "God Lens"

Have you ever met someone who had a different view on life that you wished you could adopt? I’m talking about a view where they seem to...

Why Homeschool?

Listen as Jamie discusses with her coworkers why they work for a Catholic homeschool curriculum provider and why homeschooling is a good...

Which Homeschool Parent Are You?

A humorous telling of the different homeschooling parents Jamie encounters in her work and the saint that each is paired with. Click here

Teaching Reading (Part 2 of 2)

Here Jamie explains how to teach reading by building words in a tactile way, especially for those struggling readers. Click here

Shedding the Habit

I sat in my first job interview after leaving the convent. I remember clearly being asked, “What’s your five year plan?” by the financial...

Stepping Beyond the Walls

Wait, she left? When people discover you’ve discerned out of religious life, and they see you for the first time, this about sums up the...

So Why'd You Leave?

Vocation Story part 7 It's now been about two and a half years since I left my monastery. Yes, it's still my monastery and my sisters,...

Hakuna Matata: Like a Child

Originally Posted Nov 24, 2017 | An Extroverted Millennial Enters the Cloister “At this time the disciples came to Jesus and said, ‘Who...

Everyday Saints

Originally Posted Apr 17, 2018 | A Extroverted Millennial Enters the Cloister The saints were not superhuman. They were people who loved...

Discerning Your Vocation

Originally Posted Apr 2, 2018 | An Extroverted Millennial Enters the Cloister Finding your Vocation Often we think the perfect career is...

What’s it like in a cloister?

Originally Posted Mar 16, 2018 | An Extroverted Millennial Enters the Cloister As a cloistered nun, what do you do all day? Actually,...

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